Language Tables

The residential colleges have foreign language tables that meet during dinner. You can practice French or Italian in a less formal environment with fellow students, professors, and others interested in the language.

Tables françaises - Printemps 2017

Jours Temps Où  Contacts
Lundi 18h-19h Wilson Natalie Berkman (
Saadia El Karfi (
Elisabeth Bloom (
Jenna Liuzzi (
Mercredi (1) 12h-13h Mathey
Liliane Ehrhart (
Austin Hancock (
Mercredi (2) 18h-19h Forbes Sarah Kislingbury (
Whitney Mueller (  
Jeudi 19h-20h Butler Emily Eyestone (
Jackson Smith (
Vendredi 12h-13h Whitman Molly O’Brien (

French tables will begin the week of February 12, 2018. If you are not on the meal plan and would like to attend, please contact the individuals running the table to arrange to get a meal pass. Please send any general questions to Emily Eyestone .

Tavola Italiana - Autunno 2017

Giorno Ora Dove Contacts
Martedi 5h30-6h30 Rockefeller Daniele De Feo (