Language Requirement

Because FIT classes and courses are taught in French or Italian, what your FIT options are depends on your level of proficiency.

For both the French Language Program and the Italian Language Program, all students who received a 5 on the AP exam, a 760 on the SAT subject test, or a 7 on the Higher-level IB must take the Departmental Placement Test in order to confirm their advanced placement. Students will ONLY be awarded credit for the AP exam, SAT, and Higher-level IB if they pass the Departmental Placement Test, which also has to be confirmed with an interview with the appropriate Placement Officer (Dr. Murielle Perrier - French or Dr. Daniele De Feo - Italian). All students who passed the Language Placement Test have fulfilled their language requirement and are eligible for 200+ level courses.

All students who wish to continue a language begun in secondary school must have their proficiency measured by the Departmental Placement Test administered prior to course registration.