Italian Language Courses

ITA 101 Beginner's Italian I    Fall
An oral-aural method is used to develop concurrently the skills of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Italian. The main emphasis is on basic grammatical principles and vocabulary. A substantial portion of the basic grammar is covered. Five classes, laboratory. No credit is given for ITA 101 unless followed by ITA 102. A. Cellinese

ITA 102 Beginner's Italian II    Spring
A continuation of 101. The remainder of the basic grammar is covered. A number of texts from a reader will be studied. Growing emphasis on reading and writing, but much attention will continue to be given to oral Italian. Five classes, laboratory. Prepares for 107. Staff

ITA 107 Advanced Italian    Fall
Further development of general proficiency and extensive reading of standard texts. Five classes. Prerequisite: 102 or instructor's permission. Staff

ITA 108 Advanced Italian – Contemporary Society and Culture     Fall
This course analyzes Italian history, society and culture as well as popular products such as food, sports, comic books, fashion, primarily through film and other media. It is intended to provide students with tools for communicating effectively in Italian in an informal and formal context, to move students toward an advanced language proficiency, to promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding of contemporary Italy.

ITA 1027 Intensive Intermediate and Advanced Italian    Spring
An intensive, double-credit course designed to help students develop an active command of the language. Reading comprehension and oral proficiency as well as reading skills and grammatical accuracy will be developed through various activities. A solid grammatical basis and awareness of the idiomatic usage of the language will be emphasized. Students will be introduced to various cultural aspects of Italy through readings, cultural videos, and films. Prerequisite: 101 and permission of instructor. Five 90-minute classes. A. Cellinese

ITA 207 Studies in Italian Language and Style    Fall
Intensive practice in spoken and written Italian with emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and advanced syntactical structures. Close readings and translations of contemporary Italian prose. Discussions are based on newspaper and magazine articles, television, and films. Emphasis on an audio-video approach to Italian language and culture. Prerequisite: 107 or instructor's permission. Three classes. G. Marrone-Puglia

ITA 207I Accelerated Summer Study in Italy  
A four-week summer intensive language course, equivalent to 207, taught at the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Pisa (Italy), with additional instruction from resident Princeton faculty. Emphasis on Italian-language writing and speaking skills, with supplemental work in literature. Admission by application and interview. Prerequisite: 107 or 102-7, or equivalent. Five four-hour classes per week, plus activities and trips. P. Frassica, Staff