Italian Language Courses

ITA 101 Beginner's Italian I  Fall
To develop the skills of speaking, understanding, reading and writing Italian. The main emphasis is on oral drill and conversation in the classroom. Aspects of Italian culture and civilization will be integrated in the course.

INSTRUCTORS: Anna Cellinese, Daniele De Feo, Sara Teardo

ITA 102 Beginner's Italian II  Spring
Further study of Italian grammar and syntax with increased emphasis on vocabulary, reading, and practice in conversation. Skills in speaking and writing (as well as understanding) modern Italian will also be further developed. Students will deepen the study of grammatical functions through the analysis of Italian culture and civilization.

INSTRUCTORS: Daniele De Feo, Elisa Dossena, Sara Teardo

ITA 1027 Intensive Intermediate and Advanced Italian  Spring

Italian 102-7 is an intensive double credit course designed to help students develop an active command of the language by improving upon the five skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural competency in the interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational modes. The course emphasizes communication and grammatical structures through use of various forms of texts (literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, etc.) in order to refine students' literacy.

INSTRUCTORS: Elisa Dossena, Sara Teardo

ITA 103 Intensive Beginner's and Intermediate Italian  Spring
This course is an intensive beginning and intermediate language course that provides an introduction to the Italian language and culture. It covers the material presented in ITA 101 and ITA 102 and prepares students to enroll in ITA 107 or ITA 108. Activities and interactions provide the opportunity to develop intermediate speaking, listening, and writing skills using language of a concrete, conversational nature.


ITA 107 Advanced Italian  Fall
This course analyzes Italian culture and cultural changes through popular products, such as comic books, music, film, food, and visual artifacts in connection with Italian history and society. Italian 107 is intended to provide students with tools for communicating effectively in Italian in an informal and formal context, to move students along the proficiency spectrum toward a more advanced language level, and to promote a global awareness and cross-cultural understanding of contemporary Italian life and culture. Classes are conducted entirely in Italian.

INSTRUCTORS: Anna Cellinese, Elisa Dossena

ITA 108 Advanced Italian - Contemporary Society and Culture  Fall

The main goal of this course is to improve fluency in Italian and prepare students for upper-level courses offered by the Italian program. Through film clips, film screenings, and readings, students will increase their understanding of grammatical functions and vocabulary applications, and improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

INSTRUCTORS: Elisa Dossena

ITA 207 Studies in Italian Language and Style  Spring
This course explores crucial topics - such as landscapes, beauty, migration, and travel - that define Italian literature. Through the analysis of materials from different sources and genres (literature, cinema, art, design, journalism) students will acquire a deeper understanding of Italian cultural history, and its present and future trajectory. Particular emphasis will be given to the refinement of the writing process. On the Intercultural level, students will conduct task-based activity to compare, contrast and challenge the main ideas acquired in the course vis à vis their own cultural identity.