French Language Courses

FRE 101 Beginner's French I   Fall
This course helps students develop the basic structures and vocabulary necessary to understand, speak, write, and read in French. Classroom activities promote communication and cultural skills through comprehension and grammar exercises, skits, conversation, and the use of a variety of audiovisual materials.

INSTRUCTOR: Johnny Laforêt

FRE 102 Beginner's French II    Spring
A continuation of 101. The audio-visual approach promotes proficiency through listening and speaking French. Growing emphasis on reading and writing. Classroom activities include videos, discussions, small group work, and comprehension and grammar exercises. A midterm interview with instructor, and a final oral presentation. Five classes; laboratory required.

Prerequisite: 101. Students who complete 102 normally place into 107.

INSTRUCTOR: Johnny Laforêt

FRE 103 Intensive Beginner's and Intermediate French   Fall, Spring
With a strong emphasis on communication skills and on the use of authentic materials, this intensive course is designed to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French in a cultural context. Students will learn about, discuss, and reflect on a variety of topics encompassing food, films, media, the education system, and immigration in the francophone world.

Prerequisites and Restrictions: Appropriate score on the Princeton French Language Placement Test. FRE 103 not allowed if FRE 101 or 102 taken. Other Information: All classes are conducted in French.

INSTRUCTOR: Sandie P. Blaise

FRE 105 Intermediate French   Fall
From World War II to contemporary Québec, from social inequalities and slavery in Martinique to current immigration issues in France, this course explores a wide array of topics across the French-speaking world and discusses themes such as education, language, family and identity, integration and exclusion. How do we become who we are? Why do we think the way we think, speak the way we speak? While tackling such questions, the course provides a thorough review of grammatical structures of the French language and introduces key concepts and vocabulary in a manageable way.

Prerequisites and Restrictions: Appropriate score on the Princeton French Language Placement Test. FRE 105 is only offered in the fall.

INSTRUCTOR: Raphael Jacques Piguet

FRE 107 Intermediate/Advanced French  Fall, Spring
In order to develop complex oral skills and to strengthen the use of grammatical structures and specific lexicon, this course will examine a wide range of authentic and current material that will allow students to reflect and express their opinions on a relevant and inclusive selection of topics.

Prerequisites and Restrictions: FRE 102 or FRE 103, or special permission.
Other Information: All work and instruction in FRE 107 will be done in French. Not open to First Year Undergraduates in Fall only.

INSTRUCTOR: Carole Marithe Trévise

FRE 1027 Intensive Intermediate and Advanced French    Spring
A fast-paced Intermediate course. Develops an active command of spoken and written French through class discussion and compositions. Continued presentation and review of grammar. Acquisition of reading skills through short readings.

Other Information: 101 Professor recommendation and a confirmation interview needed. Only open to students who have successfully completed 101.

INSTRUCTOR: Sandie P. Blaise

FRE 108 Advanced French   Fall, Spring
FRE 108 is an intermediate/advanced course. It will take you on a journey through various periods of French/Francophone history and culture and offer an opportunity to reflect on important questions at the center of contemporary debates. Examples include: the role of the State in the shaping of the nation, architecture and urbanism, pandemics and ecology, healthcare system, the role of education in our society, and the concept of colonization, decolonization and identity (e.g. Mauritius). We have selected a wide variety of authentic material (films, documentaries, videos, music, ads, newspapers articles and literary texts, from Le Malade imaginaire by Molière, Entre les murs by Laurent Cantet to Soupir by Ananda Devi) and have been carefully incorporated them into our curriculum, so that you develop your ability skills, communicate and write on a wide range of topics in French and gain understanding of French and francophone cultures and societies. FRE 108 is also a stepping-stone toward candidacy to the Aix-en-Provence and Princeton-in-France programs, and upper-level French courses. The course is conducted entirely in French and aims to improve communication skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

INSTRUCTOR: Murielle Marie Perrier

FRE 207 Studies in French Language and Style   Fall, Spring
An interdisciplinary course proposing the study of language, culture, and French and Francophone literatures organized around the theme "Visions fantastiques". Includes the study of different genres and mediums on topics including fairy tales and folk tales; utopias and dystopias; science fiction; and folly, dreams and the surreal. The course offers a review and reinforcement of advanced grammatical structures and aims to improve written and oral expression through the study of texts.

Prerequisite: 107 or 108.

INSTRUCTORS:  Raphael Jacques Piguet 

FRE 207F Accelerated Summer Study in France   Summer
A four-week summer intensive language course, equivalent to 207, taught in France, at the IS Aix-en-Provence, with additional instruction from resident Princeton faculty. Emphasis on French-language writing and speaking skills, with supplemental work in literature.

Other Information: Admission by application and interview.
Prerequisite: 107, 102-7, or 108, or equivalent. Five four-hour classes, two preceptorials.

INSTRUCTOR: Christine Sagnier

FRE 208 Speak up! An Introduction to Topics in the Francophone World   Fall, Spring
FRE208 is a hybrid, discussion-based course, organized around guest speakers from the francophone world (ambassadors, journalists, artists, professors, etc.) and interactive classes that aim at discussing current and relevant topics related to the Francophone world. This course fosters and reinforces complex oral skills that will allow students to lead conversations, debates and interviews, and in doing so, to become proficient French speakers. The course is divided into sections, each of them dedicated to a French speaking region (Haiti, Senegal, Ivory-Coast, Morocco, Benin, Quebec, Louisiana, Mayotte, etc.)

Prerequisites and Restrictions: FRE 107, FRE 108 or equivalent.
Other Information: Current affairs will be discussed in class on a regular basis. Course materials include readings, videos, films, songs, francophone television, iconographic primary sources and web-based activities. Attendance at guest speakers visits is required.

INSTRUCTOR:  Carole Marithe Trévise