Welcome FIT Undergraduates

The Department of French and Italian (FIT) offers undergraduate students exceptional opportunities to study and experience some of the rich literature and culture of the French and Italian-speaking worlds.

Our 16 regular faculty, half of whom are native speakers of French or Italian, include scholars of international distinction in all the subjects taught, from medieval literature to contemporary film. In addition, distinguished visiting faculty frequently supplement the department’s diverse offerings.

We offer instruction in both languages at the 100 and 200 levels in our Language Programs, and exciting, interdisciplinary courses in French and Italian languages, literature, and cultures at all levels. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment for our certificate students and concentrators, who benefit from a high level of personal attention with accessible advisors. Our concentration has customized plans of study and a wealth of resources and research support.

Undergraduate courses at 200 and above are almost always taught by professors, sometimes with the help of a preceptor. 100-level language classes are taught by highly qualified lecturers and graduate-student instructors, under the supervision of Senior Lecturers. Class size is limited to 13 students in language-instruction courses and is only occasionally much larger in courses on literature and culture, facilitating close interaction and discussion both among students and between students and faculty.

Teaching in nearly all courses is in the language concerned, so whether you enroll in the language program or in a higher-level course, your command of the language will progress. Your placement will determine the courses in which you can enroll.

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Christy Wampole
362 East Pyne

Undergraduate Program Administrator:
Kathleen Varra
303 East Pyne