L'Avant-Scène presents "SOEURS" by Pascal Rambert

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The Troupe of L'Avant-Scène will perform its third and last play of the academic year,  "Soeurs" by Pascal Rambert. The production will feature Sandra Chen ’24 & Lana Gaige ‘24, and is directed by Florent Masse.

The production will feature Sandra Chen ’24 & Lana Gaige ’24. The starting point of Sisters (Lana & Sandra) is banal: two women meet on the occasion of their mother's death and this reunion turns sour. One arrives late, as she was not informed, or poorly informed, by the other. And when death is at the middle of all this, it triggers a cataclysm. It's an immense conflict, a fight to the death, a battle between sisters who attack one another with words and end up expressing just one thing: the love they have for each other. Students started the rehearsal process for this new production with Audrey Bonnet, Short-Term Belknap Fellow in the Council of the Humanities and Department of French and Italian this semester. Audrey Bonnet acted in Pascal Rambert’s original 2018 production, still touring today.

In French, approximate running time 1h15.