Princeton in Pisa

Princeton in Pisa Group photo at tower of Pisa

The Princeton in Pisa Summer Intensive Program offers students the opportunity to take a four-week Princeton course, ITA-207I, while in residence on the campus of the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS)(link is external) in Pisa, Italy. Located in one of the richest historical and intellectual environments of Italy, the SNS is a premier university with a long and distinguished tradition. The program offers a full immersion experience that will allow students to interact with the territory on a linguistic, cultural, and social level. City of Pisa

Princeton students enrolled in the program will live in the college Timpano, in close contact with their Italian counterparts.  Located along the Arno River, Timpano was the first building donated to the Scuola, in 1932.  The Princeton students will have lunch and dinner at the cafeteria of the Scuola and are provided access to the Scuola’s library, computer clusters, dedicated Wi-Fi and all services provided to internal students. Application Process

Students who have completed the language sequence and are motivated to deepen their engagement with Italian language and its cultural history are encouraged to apply. The course offered in Pisa is ITA-207I.  The successful completion of the program will allow students the ability to enroll in upper-division Italian courses.  The resident faculty member will be Dr. Anna Cellinese (Director, Italian Language Program).

Interested students can learn more about the program in 'Experiencing Pisa and Beyond.'