Suzanne Nash

Professor of French and Italian, Emerita
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109 41 William St.


SUZANNE NASH (Ph.D., Princeton U.) specializes in French literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and, as a Professor in French, regularly teaches graduate seminars on modern poetry. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, her publications include "Les Contemplations" of Victor Hugo: An Allegory of the Creative Process, (Princeton U. Press); Paul Valéry's "Album de vers anciens": A Past Transfigured, (Princeton U. Press); and, as editor, a collection of essays called Home and Its Dislocations in Nineteenth-Century France (SUNY). She has directed dissertations on a wide range of topics in the modern field, such as: Cubism and Apollinaire's shaped poetry, the Narcissus texts of Paul Valéry, the poetry of Anna de Noailles, the Cosmogony of Francis Ponge, Hugo's poetic renderings of commemorative monuments, Bataille and the sacred, amongst others. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Nineteenth-century French Studies. Her current work is on the relationship between poetry and painting in modernist art. She currently serves the Department as Departmental Representative for undergraduate concentrators.