Simone Marchesi

Associate Professor
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324 East Pyne


Simone Marchesi (Laurea, University of Pisa; M.A. University of Notre Dame, Italian Studies; Ph.D. Princeton University, Comparative Literature) is Associate Professor of French and Italian.
His main research area is the dialogue with classical and late-antique texts engaged by medieval Italian writers, especially Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio. Published work on medieval authors includes two monographs: Stratigrafie decameroniane (Olschki, 2004), Dante and Augustine: Linguistics, Poetics, Hermeneutics (UToronto Press, 2011), and several articles and chapters in collections. He is the current editor of the Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America (EBDSA).

Teaching Interests

Simone Marchesi teaches both language and literature courses on medieval Italian authors (Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio). His specialty remains Dante’s Divine Comedy, which he has taught both in Italian and in English, as an advanced seminar in the Department as well as a Freshmen Seminar.    

Current Projects

In collaboration with Ilaria Marchesi, he has also completed a trade book entitled Live in Pompei –an essay in narrative form on the cultural value of archeological past for the young generation (Laterza, 2016).
Currently, he is working on a monograph provisionally entitled The Tower and the Garden, a book-length study on the image of Eden constructed in late-medieval vernacular fictions as a trope for their acts of cultural translation.



Book Cover: Dante and Augustine: Linguistics, Poetics, Hermeneutics
 Dante and Augustine: Linguistics, Poetics, Hermeneutics
Book Cover:  Stratigrafie decameroniane
 Stratigrafie decameroniane
Book Cover:   Traccia fantasma. Testi e contesti per le canzoni dei Virginiana Miller
 Traccia fantasma.
Book Cover: Un' America
Un' America