Pierre Azou

Graduate Student


Pierre Azou is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of French and Italian. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (2012) and a master’s degree in Public Affairs (2014) from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po.), as well as a master’s degree in French Literature from the Université La Sorbonne-Paris IV (2017).

From a critical theory perspective, he is broadly interested in the relationship between literature, cinema and politics as it evolved from the start of the 20th century to the present, and more specifically in their interaction when addressing (or giving birth to) extreme phenomena — from the Revolution to climate change to terrorism (the intended subject of his dissertation). Theoretically, this translates into a particular interest for radical figures (whether progressive or reactionary) — and, formally, for the novel and the essay as the uncertain genres where words and actions, ethics and esthetics, facts and imagination, the individual and the collective, and other such binaries, meet in ambiguous, contradictory, and oftentimes paradoxical ways.

Practically, it also explains his eagerness to contribute to the work that is done at the crossroad between academia and the wider worlds of politics and cultural exchange. As part of this effort, he initiated and carried out a Social Impact Fellowship at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, and is the co-founder and an officer of the French and Francophone Society.

Conference presentations:
-        “Le terroriste et ses victimes entre innocence et Bildung : Les Justes de Camus”, Colloque annuel de l’Association des Professeurs de Français des Universités et Collèges Canadiens (APFUCC), University of British Columbia, June 5th, 2019.
-        “La critique de l’Orientalisme dans Djemilah de Ferrandez et La Rose de sable de Montherlant : entre l’exil et le retour”, Rutgers University’s Graduate Conference: “Ex·centri·cités : Marge et centre en relation”, March 15th, 2021.
-   “Apocalypse Always: Inhabiting the End with Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, Règne animal, and Yannick Haenel, Tiens ferme ta couronne”, Conference organized by the University of Stockholm: “Collapse and Extinction”, April 27th, 2021.

-  "Masculin/Féminin: La Force comme vertu contre-révolutionnaire dans Le Chevalier des Touches de Barbey d'Aurevilly", La Revue des lettres modernes, Série Barbey d'Aurevilly n°25, ed. Pascale Auraix-Jonchière, Collection Classiques Garnier (forthcoming)

- avec Pierre Damamme, "Henry de Montherlant ou La tentation du dandysme", in Haut les masques! L'art d'être dandy, ed. Edyta Kociubińska, Éditions Brill (forthcoming).