Liliane Ehrhart

Graduate Student


Liliane Ehrhart is in the final stages of her Ph.D. in the Department of French & Italian (FIT). Her dissertation, “Confronting Wax Figures,” investigates wax figures in modern and contemporary times, through a series of case studies in literature and arts (Edgar Degas, Hervé Guibert, and Marc Quinn). Her work is at the intersection of literary, visual, and material cultures, with an emphasis on the representations of the human body, folk beliefs, and responses towards objects and images.

Her other areas of specialization include 20th/21st-century French and Francophone Literature (the autofiction, the fantastic, narratives of illness in literature and film), American and French Film History (fiction and non-fiction), and theories of realism.

Liliane comes from Paris, where she graduated with a B.A in Literature and Arts (Université Paris 7). She also earned an M.A. in History, Philosophy and Museum Studies (ENS Lyon), and a one-year M.A. in French and Francophone Studies (Bryn Mawr College).

At Princeton, she is an ECS Graduate Affiliate (European Culture Studies), and the founder of both the French & Francophone Film Series and the FIT Works-in-Progress Sessions.