Liana Pshevorska

Graduate Student
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Liana Pshevorska is a PhD Candidate in the Department of French and Italian. Her research focuses on the works of contemporary exophonic authors in France, writers from historically non-francophone nations who have adopted French for literary expression. Her main interest resides in exploring the following question: what does one do when writing in a non-native language? Her dissertation explores thematic and stylistic transformation of a migrant experience into text through the following prisms: identity narrative, mobility, relationship to language, community, and nation.


B.A., University of Arizona, French and Education, 2009
M.A., University of Arizona, French Literature, 2011
Pensionnaire étranger, École Normale supérieure (Paris), 2016-2017

Research Interests

  • 20th-21st French studies
  • Exophonic, World Literature
  • Migration, Exile
  • Literary Bilingualism
  • Identity Narrative
  • Gender and Sexuality

Papers Presented

Comment ils se voient ? Les voix translingues de Vassilis Alexakis et Andreï Makine. La Francophonie Autrement : Culture Francophone à la portée globale. Porto, Portugal, March 2017.

S’écrire en filigrane, se peindre en manque :  l’autoportrait linguistique dans La langue maternellede Vassilis Alexakis. Colloque international : Le portrait dans la littérature et les arts visuels. Agadir, Morocco, March 2017.

Wandering Across the Translingual Threshold: Vassilis Alexakis’ Quest for Identity inParis-Athènes.” Contemporary French Studies (CFS): Saint Louis, MO, October 2016.

Myth of the Great Return: Wandering and Rootedness in Milan Kundera’s “Ignorance.FGSA University of California Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA, October 2015.

 Le silence performatif dans “La vie d’un homme inconnu” d’Andreï Makine. La Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique (SPFFA). New York, NY, October 2014.