Hervé C. Goerger

Graduate Student
Office Hours
Thursday: 1:15 pm-4:30 pm


Hervé Goerger was born in Réunion Island and spent most of his life in French oversea territories, including Wallis and French Guiana.
After three years in « khâgne » preparatory classes, he completed a double B.A. in Literature and English at Sorbonne University and a B.A. in Theater Studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Literature Theory at the École Normale Supérieure, defending a thesis on the poetics of home and confinement in Tennessee Williams’s plays. Additionally, Hervé was an actor at the Conservatoires de Paris and worked as a certified English teacher for the French Ministry of Education before joining Princeton University.
He is now a member of the research team Animots; his academic interests focus on queer zoopoetics (i.e. how queer literary culture dialogues with our understanding of animals), and more broadly on intersectionalities involving a literary approach to otherness.