Hartley Roxanne Miller

Graduate Student
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Hartley Roxanne Miller is a graduate student in the department of French and Italian. She holds a BA in French and Classical Studies from Wellesley College, as well as an MA in Medieval English Literatures from the University of York. She focuses on medieval French and Occitan literature, with particular interests in the language of emotion, narrative and rhetorical strategies, and ideas of textuality in these traditions. Hartley has a fascination with the material aspects of textual transmission and has participated in projects involving paleography, codicology, and most recently, epigraphy. Past research topics have included madness and other forms of difference in medieval literature. Her PhD dissertation examines the teaching of love in Le roman de la rose as it affects the body, language, and thought of the student, particularly through the consideration of pain as a form of instructional pressure. Hartley currently resides in Romania, where she is co-editing a translation of Le lai de Narcisse into Romanian with the support of Bucharest’s Centre Régional Francophone de Recherches Avancées en Sciences Sociales.