Hannah N. Grunow

Graduate Student

Hannah Grunow is from Juneau, Alaska, but she estimates that she has spent more of her life moving than not. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in French Studies from Scripps College in 2022. During her undergraduate, she taught several weekly beginning-to-advanced French conversation classes and directed language activities at Claremont McKenna College. Teaching math and French in college made her love finding ways of teaching that are (hopefully!) fun and engaging for her students. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on topics of music and the history of philosophical aesthetics—but she loves delving into pretty much any subject, from positivism to international legal histories. Having been a fellow at her college’s Humanities Institute, she especially enjoys studying non-European philosophy, as well as history (particularly through the lens of theoretical ideologies’ tangible impacts on the world). In her spare time, she likes to act in film and theatre, bake, and play and teach music.