Chloé Vettier

Graduate Student
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Chloé Vettier is a 6th year PhD candidate in the department of French and Italian, working under the joint supervision of Thomas Trezise (Princeton University) and Jean-François Louette (Sorbonne Université). Before joining the department, she completed her BA and MA in French and Francophone Literature at Sorbonne-Paris IV. Her dissertation, entitled “Writing out Shame: from Augustine to Genet,” examines shame as an emblematic motif of the writing of the self. In her project, she investigates the origin of shame in autobiography, contending that it descends from a millenary practice of confession initiated by Augustine. Her dissertation also pays particular attention to how homosexual autobiographers of the 20th century, such as Maurice Sachs and Jean Genet, align themselves with this tradition. Chloé’s other research interests include the relationship between literature and philosophy, emotions and affect theory, sociology and sociocriticism, psychoanalysis, and 20th-century literature.