Cecelia Ramsey

Graduate Student

Cecelia Ramsey holds a master’s degree from NYU in literary translation from French to English. She currently edits articles produced by machine translation and is interested in the alteration of texts, particularly in works of translation, but also through the process of publication and subsequent textual reception. Having earned bachelor’s degrees in French, English, and history, she is committed to exploring historical context and the ways in which it is reflected in and by the work. 

Through various historical periods, she is drawn to stories that explore collective memory, identity, and religion, as well as stories that go beyond the confines of genre, breaking stylistic or linguistic barriers. Her master’s thesis involved a translation of Minh Tran Huy’s Voyageur malgré lui (2014), a poetic work of fiction that weaves historical anecdotes into a semi-autobiographical narrative, crossing borders in both time and space.

Passionate about pedagogy and mentorship, Cecelia has taught language in diverse environments, ranging from a two-room schoolhouse to a liberal arts university to a women’s prison. With experience in collaborative teaching, she is interested in innovative course design that connects French to other disciplines.