Austin Hancock

Graduate Student
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2011 B.A. French Studies, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY
2011 B.A. International Affairs, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY
2013 M.A. French Language and Literature, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Master's Thesis:
Pugilism and Poetry: Guillaume Apollinaire, Arthur Cravan and the Poéte-Boxeur

Conferences and Publications


  • Online Anthology: Commentary for the Arthur Rimbaud section of the online anthology, "Réflexionspoé"


  • Conference Paper: "Similar Skies over Different Worlds: Imagery of the Sun and Stars in the work of Albert Camus and Calixthe Beyala"
  • University of New Mexico Graduate Student Conference


  • Conference Paper: "Heavyweights: Pugilism, Poetry and the Rivalry between Dada and Surrealism"
  • Louisiana State University Graduate Student Conference on Violence and Resistance in the French and Francophone World