Austin Hancock

Graduate Student
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Austin Hancock is a seventh-year student in the French and Italian Department. He graduated with a B.A. in French Studies from Wagner College in 2011 and then received his his M.A. in French with honors at the University of New Mexico in 2013. His dissertation, “La Boxe contre l’ombre: Boxing and the Historical Avant-Garde,” examines the relationship between the sport of boxing and the European avant-garde, focusing on how these artists engaged with the sport of boxing in art directed against the oppressive and reactionary discourses of their time and investigating how this channeling of the ring’s violence into a source of oppositional power also provides a model of how these artists sought to reinvest their own agonistic practices with an authentic potential for resistance. He is also more broadly interested in questions of poetics, violence, materiality and the body and has recently published an article on Francis Ponge.