Voci Italiane by Anna Cellinese

Aug. 1, 2022

Voci Italiane: Contemporary Readings for Intermediate to Advanced Students by Anna Cellinese presents students with a series of calibrated and thought-provoking readings from both contemporary Italian fiction and non-fiction. The Reader exposes learners to the authentic language of 21st- century authors whose voices and work reflect as well as partake in the diverse sociocultural fabric of today’s Italy. Their writings offer a unique opportunity to explore and learn from different voices and modes of expression which embody, interpret or antagonize dominant narratives in contemporary society. Voci italiane exposes learners to authentic materials that provoke reflection on intercultural competence, diversity, and social justice issues. Furthermore, it provides the tools for learners to concentrate on lexical inquiry, and thus to grasp and avail themselves of the essential power of language to structure reality.

Anna Cellinese