Teaching with Collections: Students in French Renaissance seminar awed by early printing exhibition

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Photo of 2 Gutenberg Bibles in glass case

Gutenberg Bible of 1455 held in the Scheide Library. Photo by Shelley Szwast, Princeton University Library

Katie Chenoweth, Associate Professor of French at Princeton University, recently led students in her graduate seminar, “French Literature of the Renaissance: Language Technologies,” through the unprecedented exhibition in Firestone Library’s Milberg Gallery, “Gutenberg & After: Europe’s First Printers 1450-1470.” Chenoweth, whose latest book examines printing technology and the rise of the French language, has studied many of the books on display: “To have them all in one place and set up intelligently, designed by people who know more about this than any others in the world is mind blowing.” 
-Written by Emily Judd, Library Communications Coordinator

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