Summer Reads 2021: What are Princeton professors reading — and listening to — this summer?

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Six Princeton professors talk about how the books on their shelves relate to their work and share what’s on their summer reading lists. Some book choices reflect their scholarly research and teaching. Others illuminate personal interests and current issues in the headlines. And with a hat tip to the quarantine-induced popularity of audiobooks and podcasts during the pandemic, they include audio selections as well. 

Featured Professors:

  • Katie Chenoweth, associate professor of French and Italian
  • Ruby Lee, the Forrest G. Hamrick Professor in Engineering, and professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Paul Nadal, assistant professor of English and American studies
  • Eldar Shafir, the Class of 1987 Professor in Behavioral Science and Public Policy, and professor of psychology and public affairs
  • Judith Weisenfeld, the Agate Brown and George L. Collord Professor of Religion
  • Frederick Fitzgerald Wherry, the Townsend Martin, Class of 1917 Professor of Sociology

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