Ph.D. student Sophie Chopin represented Princeton University at the Second Edition of Choix Goncourt États-Unis

May 9, 2023

On April 29th FIT Ph.D. student Sophie Chopin participated as president of the Princeton jury in the final round of deliberations of the second edition of Choix Goncourt États-Unis. This event is part of the Académie Goncourt's initiative to involve university students from around the world in selecting a winner among the official finalists for the prestigious French literary prize. Author Anne Berest chaired this edition of Choix Goncourt États-Unis, which awarded Makenzy Orcel for the novel Une somme humaine.

Over the past eight months, Sophie Chopin acted as the president of Princeton's jury, which consisted of nine Ph.D. students from the French and Italian Department: Yassine Ait Ali, Hervé Goerger, Pierre Azou, Murielle Tiako Djomatchoua, Clément Génibrèdes, Hannah Grunow, Cecelia Ramsey, and Adrian Trust. Included as well in Princeton's jury were two Princeton exchange students from Science Po: Eloi Delort and Anaïs Yolka. The Princeton jury joined representatives from seven other institutions in the selection process: Columbia, Duke, Harvard, MIT, NYU, UVA, and Yale. 

The ceremony took place at the Villa Albertine, at the cultural services of the French embassy, chaired by last year's winner, the author of the novel La Carte postale, Anne Berest.

For more information, see the Villa Albertine's announcement

A group photo posed in front of a window

Left to right: Madelyn Neal (NYU), Pierre Forfert (Yale), Ella Daily (UVA), David Gill (Duke), Macha Martin-Camus (Columbia), Eloi Delort (Princeton), Sophie Chopin (Princeton), Makenzy Orcel, Anne Berest, Arielle Stern (Duke), Maria Ascanio Alino (MIT), Marija Sunjka (UVA), Annarosa Zampaglione (Columbia), Amanda Gann (Harvard), Kathryn Parker (NYU), Brooke Habit (Columbia), Artem Lukoianov (MIT), Tiffany Premand (Yale).

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