"A ‘Grand Séducteur,’ With Politicians and the Press" by Elaine Sciolino

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Jacques Chirac had a habit of turning on the charm. It worked with the French public, with women and even, at times, with the media.

PARIS — Jacques Chirac will be remembered by many people for his refusal to join the American war against Iraq in 2003 and his failure to revive a weak French economy.

I remember him for something else, too. He was the first Frenchman to kiss my hand. It was the fall of 2002, and Mr. Chirac was seven years into his 12-year presidency. The Bush administration was moving toward war with Iraq, and the relationship between France and the United States was worse than it had been in decades.
by Elaine Sciolino (New York Times)

Elaine Sciolino is an Advisory Council member of the Department of French and Italian and was a Visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton.

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