Georges Perec: A Life in Words by David Bellos, is part of the "Top 10 Books about great thinkers," by The Guardian

Nov. 23, 2020

Cover of the book, 'Georges Perec. A Life in words
The Guardian's, Peter Salmon, set out to find the Top 10 Books about great thinkers and chose to include, Georges Perec: A Life in Words by David Bellos, Department of French and Italian.

Georges Perec: A Life in Words by David Bellos
One good life option is to just read everything David Bellos has ever written (as well as his translations). His life of Jacques Tati is wonderful, but here he is in his element trying to pin the butterfly that is Perec. Perec is the sort of writer most writers want to be, brilliant, inventive and prolific, managing to combine huge erudition with the ability to tell a really good yarn. A novel without the letter “e” (or a novella that uses only that vowel)? Why not? A novel that does a knight’s tour of an apartment block and seems to cover every aspect of life as it skips around? Sure! We should all be grateful he found Bellos to write his story – no one else would have got it right.

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