Elena Ferrante Book Club

Aug. 30, 2021


Elena Ferrante Book Club

Feel like you're missing some riveting contemporary literature, Naples, tales of decades-long friendship, and want to attend a weekly meeting to geek out over an awesome book series? You should consider becoming a part of the Elena Ferrante Book
Club. This club will read the Neapolitan Quartet this academic year, two books per semester, roughly 50 pages per week. Ninety-minute weekly discussions will take place to talk about the novels, themes, history, thoughts, and opinions, etc. Additionally, you can expect to make some brilliant friends. Book Club attendants will also receive copies of the books—many thanks to the Department of French and Italian.

If you're interested in attending the club or just being informed about the when, where, and how, PLEASE sign up on the google form. This will help the Book Club become an official ODUS group. Details for the meetings will be ironed out in the next week or two (location, timing, etc).

E-mail Maharan Murshed at maharan@princeton.edu to be a co-leader or assist with the club.

Go for it! Sign up and shoot an email to maharan@princeton.edu if interested in leading this (soon-to-be) Brilliant Book Club!