Congratulations to Effie Rentzou and André Benhaïm on their new book, "1913: The year of French modernism"

Sept. 4, 2020

Book Cover: 1913: The year of French modernism
1913: The year of French modernism is the first book to respond to two deceptively simple questions: "What constituted modernism in France?" and "What is the place of France on the map of global modernism?" Taking its cue from the seminal year 1913, an annus mirabilis for literature and art, the book captures a snapshot of vibrant creativity in France and a crucial moment for the quickly emerging modernism throughout the world. Essays from specialists on works of literature, art, photography and cinema which were created or made public in and around 1913, outline in a dazzling fresco the protagonists, strategies and genres, the dynamics, themes, and legacies of what was French modernism.