Liana Pshevorska (May 2020)
In-Betweenness: Aesthetics and Identity in Contemporary Translingual Francophone Literature.
Advisor: Effie Rentzou

Alexander Baron-Raiffe (May 2020)
Writing Greece: The Platonic Legacy of Melete Thanatou in Jacques Derrida’s Aporetic Athenian Thanatographies.
Advisor: Nick Nesbitt

Adeline Heck (Mar 2020)
Under the Spell of Wagner: The “Revue Wagnérienne” and Literary Experimentation in the Belle Epoque (1878-1893)
Advisor: Thomas Trezise 

Robert Decker (Dec 2019)
Topographies of Time: The Spatiohistorical Imagination in Caribbean Narrative.
Advisor: Nick Nesbitt

Sarah Beytelmann (Nov 2018)
L'injure au Dix-Septième Siècle
Advisor: Volker Schröder

Charlotte Werbe (Nov 2018)
After the Fact: Encounters in Holocaust Testimony
Advisor: Thomas Trezise 

Lindsey Richter (May 2018)
Being Two: The Individual as Response in Surrealism's Partner Collaborations (1919-1935)
Advisor: Effie Rentzou

Chad Cordova (May 2018)
The Being, or Non-Being, of the Self: The Two Moments of French Antihumanism
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Natalie Berkman (May 2018)
The OuLiPo's Mathematical Project (1960-2014)
Advisor: David Bellos

Macs Smith (May 2018)
Paris and the Parasite: The Politics of Noise in the Mediatic City
Advisor: André Benhaïm

Melissa Verhey (January 2018)
Life Writing as Care for the Self: Fictional Autobiographies in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century French Literature.
Advisor: Göran Blix

Joshua Rivas (November 2017)
Deviant Sexualities: Placing Sexuality in Post-'68 French Lesbian, Gay, and Queer Literature/Politics
Advisor: Christy Wampole

Bridget Behrmann (May 2017)
The Parnassian Moment and the Experimental Poem, 1866-1876
Advisor: Göran Blix

Marie Sanquer (October 2016)
Retours à  la Terre dans la Fiction Française et Francophone du XXème Siècle: Traumatismes Territoriaux et Échecs Fertiles: Pierre-Jakez Hélias, Kateb Yacine, Albert Cohen, Samuel Beckett
Advisor: André Benhaïm

Charles Samuelson (May 2016)
Queering Rhetoric in Verse Romances and the Dits, from Chrétien de Troyes to Christine de Pizan
Advisor: Sarah Kay

Nicolas L’Hermitte (May 2016)
The Search in Question: Aporia in "A la recherche du temps perdu"
Advisor: André Benhaïm

Matthew Sandefer (June 2015)
Literary Cruelty in the short prose of Barbey D'Aurevilly, Léon Bloy, and Villiers De L' Isle-Adam
Advisor: Göran Blix

Brian Jacobs (May 2015)
Men in the Middle: Masculinity in North African Francophone Literatures
and Cultures
Advisor: André Benhaïm

Daniel Worden (January 2015)
Tales of Impostors: Exposing Belief in Fiction from the Baroque to the Early Enlightenment
Advisor: Volker Schröder

Charles Rice-Davis (December 2014)
The Point of All Return: Nostalgia and the Dream of Disenlightenment
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

Christine Bourgeois (May 2014)
Saintly Asceticism and the Literary Machine. The Many Lives of Saint Anthony the Great
Advisor: Sarah Kay

Valerie Aguilar ( May 2014)
Literary Representations of Rivalry Between France and Spain in the French Renaissance (1530-1560)
Advisor: François Rigolot

Layla Ashan Roesler (May 2014)
Fragmentation and Unity: Language and its Becoming in the Essays of Yves Bonnefoy
Advisor: Tom Trezise

Carla Caponegro (May 2013)
Roman Censorship and the Shaping of Montaigne's Essays
Advisor: François Rigolot

Benjamin Williams (October 2012)
Public Enemies: French Symbolist Rationales for a Restricted Readership
Advisor: Göran Blix

Eliza Zingesser (September 2012)
French Troubadours: Assimilating Occitan Literature in Northern France (1200-1400)
Advisor: Sarah Kay

Scott Francis ( May 2012)
Authorial Personae, Ideal Readers, and Advertising for the Book in Lemaire, Marot and Rabelais
Advisor: François Rigolot

Daniel Hanna (May 2012)
Poetry in the early French and Flemish Carmel: The Tradition of Teresa of Avila
Advisor: Volker Schröder

Monica Michaud (March 2012)
Thinking Language Politically: Cultural Representation and Alterity in the European Enlightenment
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

John Moreau (December 2011)
Eschatological Subjects: Divine and Literary Judgement in Fourteeth-Century France
Advisor: Sarah Kay

Karen Quandt (October 2011)
Landscapes and the Imagination: Expressive Aesthetics in French Romantic Poetry
Advisor: Göran Blix

Philippe Baillargeon (May 2011)
Altérations, Permutations et Transmutations.  Pour une Poétique du Serio Ludere dans "Le Moyen de Parvenir" de Béroalde de Verville
Advisor:   François Rigolot

Ainsley Robyn Brown (May 2011)
In Praise of the Book:  Expressions of Literary Bibliophily
Advisor:   Göran Blix

Ève Célia Morisi (May 2011)
Literature in extremis.  The Poetics and Ethics of Capital Punishment in the Works of  Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, and Albert Camus
Advisor:   Göran Blix

Saul Anton (May 2010)
The Vestige of Art:  Aesthetics and History in the French Enlightenment
Advisor:  Marie-Hélène Huet

Yann Robert (May 2010)
Living Theater:  Politics, Justice and the Stage in France (1750-1800)
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

Rebecca Harmon (May 2010)
Witnessing Words: Testimony and Visuality across Genres in Agrippa d’Aubigné
Advisor: François Rigolot

Laura Asok (April 2010)
Alienated Selves: Portraiture in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century France
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

Julie Grenet (January 2010)
The Father Figure in Marcel Proust's "A La Recherche du Temps Perdu"
Advisor: André Benhaïm

Elissa Bell Bayraktar (June 2009)
Beckett’s Closed Space Narratives
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Kathryn Lachman (June 2008)
The Music of Voice. Transnational Encounters between Music, Theory, and Fiction
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Catherine Witt (June 2008)
Tokens of Discontent. The Emergence of the Modern Prose Poem (1822-1869)
Advisor: Suzanne Nash

Valerie Dionne (2008)
De La Nation Divisse a La Confrairie: L’Art de La Conciliation Dans les "Essais" de Montaigne
Advisor: François Rigolot

Katherine Brown (September 2007)
From the Fabliaux to the Decameron: Codicology and Generic Transformation
Advisor: François Rigolot

Marie-Hélène Koffi-Tessio (June 2007)
Voyageurs Franç ais Sur Le Continent Africain
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Peter Eubanks (June 2007)
Literary Self-Assertion and the Limits of Art in the Poetry of Jean Lemaire de Belges (1473-ca. 1516)
Advisor: François Rigolot

Juliet O'Brien (April 2006)
Trobar Cor(s):  Erotics and Poetics in Flamenca
Advisor: Sarah Kay

Lucien Nouis (May 2006)
Politiques de l’hospitalité  (1632-1795)
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

Eva Martin (June 2006)
Port-Royal Aesthetics
Advisor: Marie-Hélène Huet

Éric Trudel (April 2005)
La Terreur à l’œuvre. Théorie, poétique et éthique chez Jean Paulhan
Advisor: Suzanne Nash

Sinda Kalin Vanderpool (April 2005)
Marguerite de Navarre’s Evolving Poetic Personae
Advisor: François Rigolot

Esther Marion (October 2005)
Between Performance and Narration:  Voice, Agency, and Alterity in the Work of Marguerite Duras
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Livia Tutuc (November 2005)
Language and Tropisms: The Verbal Representation of Subjectivity in the Work of Nathalie Sarraute
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Nicole Simek (June 2005)
Altered Exemplarity: Critique and Commitment in Maryse Condé ’s Novels
Advisor: Thomas Trezise

Lynn S. Anderson (April 2004)
The Poetry of Jacques Réda and Philippe Jaccottet:  A Study of Space and Place
Advisor: Suzanne Nash