Admission FAQs

What is the application deadline for the Ph.D. program in French?

The deadline for applications for Fall 2024 is December 15, 2023.

What are the prerequisites for admission?

To qualify for graduate work in the department, the candidate must show evidence of extensive knowledge of French literature, enthusiasm and aptitude for research, and competence, both written and oral, in the language. A broad training in the humanities is advantageous.

What additional language preparation is required?

Students must demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in one language other than French and English, normally before the end of the second year of study.

What other factors are taken into consideration for admission to the program?

In addition to educational background and language preparation, the department gives careful consideration to the candidate’s personal statement and writing sample, to letters of recommendation, and to standardized test scores.

What kind of writing sample should be included with the application?

The writing sample should represent recent work on a topic relevant to the program, preferably in French, and should not exceed twenty-five pages.

Does the department encourage interdisciplinary work?

Interdisciplinary work is strongly encouraged. The department recommends that students take at least one seminar outside of French and Italian, and many students take more than one.

Does Princeton offer a graduate program in Italian?

There is currently no graduate program in Italian. However, graduate-level courses in Italian literature and culture are sometimes offered, and students can complement their doctoral studies with the interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Italian Studies.