Graduate Program in French

The aim of the Ph.D. program in French is to train scholars and university teachers of French language, literature, and culture in a thriving and diverse intellectual environment.

The academic structure of the program enables students to acquire a broad understanding of the whole field of French and Francophone studies as well as a secure grasp of their own field of concentration and prepares them to develop independently as scholars and teachers. Doctoral students will gain a solid knowledge of the foundations and evolutions of French and Francophone literature through diverse theoretical approaches and interdisciplinary areas.

Students accepted into the Ph.D. program enjoy financial support for five years, although readmission each year depends on satisfactory performance. They also hold part-time Assistantships in Instruction. Generous financial support is available for a wide array of professional training, including scholarly research, language learning, and conference presentations.

Applicants to the program should consult our own FAQs in addition to the appropriate sections of the Graduate School website.

Director of Graduate Studies:
Professor André Benhaïm
331 East Pyne Building
[email protected]