Seuls en Scène 2021 presents "_jeanne_dark_" by Marion Siéfert


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Seuls en Scène 2021 presents _jeanne_dark_

_JEANNE_DARK_ is the name of 16-year-old Jeanne’s Instagram account. Jeanne comes from a Catholic family and lives in a lower-middle-class area in a suburb of Orléans. For the last few months, she’s been subjected to malicious jibes about her virginity from her fellow students. One night, alone in her room, she decides she won’t stay quiet any longer: she speaks up and she does it live on Instagram. In front of the mirror, which her smartphone serves as she tells the story of and invents herself, dances, films, explodes, and transforms herself, switching between undressing and playing a character.

This second collaboration between the French theatre-maker Marion Siéfert and dancer, choreographer, and performer Helena de Laurens is a show that takes place on stage and on social media at the same time, on the Instagram Account @_jeanne_dark_. The idea was developed long before the COVID-19 pandemic and follows the question of how it is possible to extend the theatre into the interactive space of social media. The performance, which premiered on October 2, 2020, at the Théâtre La Commune in Aubervilliers, provides an impressive answer to this question. _JEANNE_DARK_ is the fourth play by director and writer Marion Siéfert and won the award for the best digital performance of the Professional Federation of the Drama, Dance and Music Criticism.

Content Warning: For mature audiences only.

This is Marion Siéfert’s second appearance at Seuls en Scène. In 2020 with Matthieu Bareyre she presented their film documenting the rehearsal process of Du Sale!

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