"Made in… : Exploring contemporary narratives in the teaching of foreign languages"


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Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 2:00 PM | 011 East Pyne

Poster for: Made in ...

Department of French and Italian and, the Princeton Center for Language Study present Enza Antenos, PhD, "Made in…: Exploring contemporary narratives in the teaching of foreign languages." (Workshop for Language Lecturers)

Making languages relevant to higher education is key. A paradigm shift is needed in our foreign language curricula to meet the continual challenges of student enrollments, which are experiencing critical losses. The recent ACTFL and Lead with Languages campaign aims at building awareness of the link between language skills and career success, establishing a more immediate and meaningful connection for language learners.

To this end, an exploration of “Made in…” proposes to connect languages to nation's business and economy, but not only. This approach unifies a student’s pre-existing knowledge of the products of a culture and their presence in the global marketplace to the language and cultural background that is communicated by these products. Bridging the pre-existing tangible goods of a nation to the cultural know-how and excellence that creates them could become an impetus for language learning.

A course of study in the “Made in…” of a nation could range from courses in English to garner general student interest to the basis of curricular design (or unit planning) to a pre-professional course tied to language use for specific purposes. Further, it could lead to innovative interdisciplinary programs that are at the forefront of higher education change initiatives. Examples of these models will be proposed, through the lens of the “Made in Italy” brand, and will be explored through textual, visual, and audiovisual narratives.

*Workshop for Language Lecturers

Wine and Cheese will be provided after the presentation.


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