L'Avant-Scène presents Le Dindon by Georges Feydeau / 20th Anniversary of L'Avant-Scène

Directed by Florent Masse


Event Description

The Troupe of Princeton University's Department of French and ItalianL'Avant-Scene, the French Theater Workshop, celebrates twenty years of French theater at Princeton with a series of events April 16 through 20, and presents George Feydeau’s raucous comedy "Le Dindon" in a new staging 20, and 10 years after presenting it for the first and second time. "Le Dindon" tells the story of four couples who live through a frenzied day of coincidences and infidelity. The play, directed by Florent Masse, will be staged in the Wallace Theater of the Lewis Arts Complex at 8:00pm on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19, and at 3:00pm Saturday, April 20. The production will feature Lana Gaige `24, Gil Joseph `25, Clément Génibrèdes GS, Clément Herman GS, Sandra Chen `24, Mikaela Avakian `24, John Patrick `24, Darius Ganza `24, Hervé Ishimwe `24, Madeleine Iselin `25, Oladoyin Philipps GS, Jordan Coty Eloundou Ndongo GS, Eddie Kong `27, Finn Doyle `27, Preston Lust `24, Chloé Zhu `27,  and  Flora Champy FIT. “Le Dindon” will be performed in French. Free admission. Running time : 2h10 mn.

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Directed by Florent Masse and Performed by the L'Avant-Scène Troupe as part of the 20th Anniversary Weekend-Festival of L'Avant-Scène


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