L’Avant-Scène presents "Des territoires (… Et tout sera pardonné?)" by Baptiste Amann


Event Description
Des Territoires… Et tout sera pardonné

The Troupe of Princeton University's Department of French and Italian, L'Avant-Scène, the French Theater Workshop, will perform "Des territoires (…Et tout sera pardonné?)" by Baptiste Amann (2019) directed by Florent Masse in the Whitman College Class of 1970 Theater November 3-5, at 8pm. This will be L'Avant-Scène's first play of the 2022-2023 season.

During a riot, Benjamin is bitten in the neck by a dog and is hospitalized. He is on life support, and his siblings must decide whether or not to pull the plug. Meanwhile, a film about the Algerian War and Djamila Bouhired’s trial is being filmed in the hospital. The actor playing Djamila, caught in a dispute with her director, soon meets the siblings, Hafiz, Lyn, and Samuel. One way or another, they must all confront the same question: whether to give in or pursue the fight at all costs.

Baptiste Amann, born in 1986, is a French playwright who directs his own work. Des territoires is a trilogy whose first installment, "Des territoires (Nous sifflerons la Marseillaise…)", was published by Tapuscrit in 2015. The second, "Des territoires (… D’une prison l’autre…)” was published in 2017. This piece, “Des territoires (… Et tout sera pardonné ?)” was featured in Théâtre Ouvert in June 2019. It was first performed in November 2019 at the Comédie de Béthune. The production will feature Yasmine Zein `23, Gil Joseph `25, John Patrick `24, Éloi Delort `24, Anaïs Yolka `24, Mikaela Avakian `24, Jeielle Habinam `25, Hervé Ishimwe `24 and Josie Smart `25.

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