Inside Buffalo. An African-Italian Story


Event Description

photo of an African-American USA soldier during world war II standing with women and children
A documentary by Fred Kuwornu

“Inside Buffalo-They served America when America was not ready to serve them”  undoubtedly qualifies as one of the most excellently produced documentaries that clearly and articulately brings out the wonderful story of the 92nd Buffalo division.

The 92nd Buffalo division was a combat unit that was firstly all African-American and therefore largely segregated because that was the order of the day, particularly during WWII. Nevertheless, despite the segregation, the unit fought with what was classified as outstanding heroism in Italy during the height of World War II. They were fighting a battle against racial segregation as well.

Upon their return to the US, these men were rightfully recognized and honored, a recognition that someone contributed towards the intensification of the civil rights movement.

Support for this project has been provided in part by Princeton University’s

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