The Art of Bible Translation: A Belknap Conversation

Mon, Sep 23, 2019, 4:30 pm  

Poster for: The Art of Bible TranslationMONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2019; 4:30 PM | 101 MCCORMICK HALL

Humanities Council presents The Art of Bible Translation: A Belknap Conversation with Robert Alter, Belknap Visitor in the Humanities, Class of 1937 Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley.

Robert Alter (University of California, Berkeley) will discuss “The Art of Bible Translation” followed by responses from Leora Batnitzky (Jewish Studies; Religion), Esther Schor (American Jewish Studies; English), and David Bellos (French and Italian; Comparative Literature).

Moderated by Eric Gregory (Professor of Religion; Chair, Humanities Council)

Co-sponsored by the Department of Religion and Program in Judaic Studies

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