Antiquity in Early Modern France- Forms, Ideas, and Media

Sat, Feb 19, 2022, 10:00 am  

Poster for the event, Antiquity in early modern France.

CREMS Graduate Conference:

Keynote: Larry F. Norman, University of Chicago

Panel 1: Intellectual History
Michael Moriarty (Cambridge), Scott Francis (University of Penn), Daniel Garber (Princeton), Respondent Pierre Force (Columbia)

Panel 2: Literary Forms
Helena Taylor (University of Exeter), David Posner (Loyola), Cynthia Nazarian (Northwestern), Respondent: Leonard Barkan (Princeton)

Panel 3: Ancient & Modern Media
Alan M. Stahl (Princeton), Sylvaine Guyot (NYU), Katie Chenoweth, (Princeton), Respondent: Carolyn Yerkes (Princeton)

With a journal presentation by Flora Champy (Princeton)

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Organized by Alexander Brock ( and Jiani Fan (

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