Reception and General Inquiries

Kelly Eggers  609-258-4500

Department Fax number 609-258-4535

Directory by Position

Göran Blix  609-258-8150  [email protected]

Associate Chair
Gaetana Marrone-Puglia  609-258-3253  [email protected]

Department Manager
Sena M. Hill  609-258-6731  [email protected]

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Simone Marchesi 609-258-8149 [email protected]

Director,  French Language Program
Christine Sagnier 609-258-2939 [email protected]

Acting Director, Italian Language Program
Daniele De Feo  609-258-8151  [email protected]

Director of Graduate Studies
André Benhaïm  609-258-7332  [email protected]

Graduate Program Administrator
Leslie Savadge  609-258-4670 [email protected]

Office Assistant
Kelly Eggers  609-258-4500

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Kathy Varra  609-258-4502  [email protected]

Departmental Computing Support Specialist and Webmaster
Charles A. Leonardi  609-258-4273  [email protected]

Departmental Address

303 East Pyne
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ  08544