Language Tables

Come and join us for informal and convivial conversations in French, Italian, and Creole during our virtual language tables. Our volunteer students will welcome you and give you an opportunity to connect to other students, share your experiences, “mingle” and practice your French.

French - Spring 2021

Tables françaises - Printemps 2021

Jours Temps Hôte
Lundi 4:30pm - 5:30pm (EST) Zoom

Yassine Ait Ali

Vendredi 4:30pm-5:30pm (EST) Zoom Yassine Ait Ali

Please email the Host(s) for the Zoom link.

Italian - Spring 2021

Tavola Italiana - Primavera 2021

Giorno Ora Dove Contacts


4:00 pm (EST) Zoom

Daniele De Feo

Please email the Host(s) for the Zoom link.Flyer for Italian Table Spring 2021