FRE-207F & PIF Culture Internship


FRE-207F is an intensive, four-week language immersion program taught at IS Aix-en-Provence, an Institute specializing in the teaching of French as a foreign language. IS Aix-en-Provence is housed in a former private mansion, located close to the town center, or vieille ville.

IS provides 15 hours/week of classroom instruction, oriented primarily towards oral comprehension and expression. In addition, students attend classes, taught by the resident Princeton faculty member, that focus on reading and writing skills. Students also participate in cultural activities related to the course contents, with opportunities to interact with French native speakers outside of the classroom.

Program participants lodge with French families in the area and are provided with breakfast and dinner en famille. All participants sign an honor pledge to speak only French at all times throughout the entire course. In all, FRE-207F provides an outstanding opportunity for total immersion in French language and culture and rapid acquisition of higher-level language skills.

* Submission of applications begins December 10, 2018Application Process

PIF Culture Internship

New to the program in 2019 is the option to do a PIF Culture Internship in Aix-en-Provence following the FRE-207F language immersion program. No other application is required besides the 207F-in-Aix application that is submitted to the Department of French and Italian.

Students will be eligible to choose internships that indicate "This placement qualifies for the 207F Internship Program" on the OIP website.

Once accepted to the language immersion program, students electing to do an internship will meet with faculty to discuss their top choices of internships, and write an intention letter/cover letter for their preferred internship, which will be sent to the International Internship Program (IIP). IIP will place students in the most appropriate internship available and attempt to honor their top choices.