Recent Senior Theses

Class of 2017

Juliana C. Jackson Gardening with Architecture: The Influence of Pirro Ligorio's Excavations at Hadrian's Villa On His Garden Designs at the Villa d'Este

Mary Heath Manning "Essere italiani era la nostra colpa"-Discovering the Suppressed Stories of the Foibe and the Exodus

Makenna May Educating the Elite: Examining the Role of Privilege within the Grandes Écoles and the Ivy League Schools

Michelle Navis The Relationship between Physical Movement and Text in French Theater: An Exploration of Mariette Navarro's "Nous Les Vagues"

Sophie Nguyen When History Eclipses Memory: An Analysis of Pied-Noir Memory Preservation in Contemporary France

Aaron Caleb Robertson Igiaba Scego's "Beyond Babylon" A Translation from the Italian

Bertilla Keindl Sieben Glória by István Örkény:  A Translation and Critical Afterword


Class of 2016

Bennett Alvaro The Manganellas

Erika Baikoff Robert Desnos: Surrealism’s Prophet of Dreams

Alex Cuadrado The Poetics of Pilgrimage in Dante’s Commedia

Fahd Shah The Positive Representations of Franco-Arabs of Islamic Heritage in French Contemporary Visual Culture

Avanthika Srinivasan La Femme Méconnue: The Tragedy of Clarice in Pierre Corneille’s Comedy Le Menteur


Class of 2015

Whitney Charbonneau Piti Piti Zwazo Fè Nich Li: Defining the Challenges to Social Entrepreneurship in Haiti

Tyler Lee Until the Light Becomes Jealous: Five Contemporary Italian Women Poets 

Madeleine Planeix-Crocker Les Arts urbains et l’institution culturelle à l’ère post-graffiti

Luca Politi Identity and Transformation: The Textual Diversity of the Novellino

Rachel Stokowski Collectionneurs Féroces: Gustave Caillebotte, Le Cousin Pons and the Relationship between Private Collections and Museums in Nineteenth-Century France

Elizabeth Sola The Geniculate Grieving of a Loquacious Lady


Class of 2014

Sarah Cooper Sacred versus Secular: Exploring Religious Themes in the Mélodies, Romances, and Cantiques of Gabriel Fauré

Kate Dreyfuss Apollinaire, Poulenc, and Intermediality: A Study of the Dynamic Interactions between Text, Image, and Music in Le Bestiaire and Calligrammes

Cole Freeman Return to the Source

Julia Marsh Environmental Crime in Campania, Italy: Organized Crime, Toxic Waste, and the Effects of Illegal Waste Disposal

Ryohei Ozaki Le Cinéma et L’Émancipation: Chris Marker et le groupe Medvedkine 1967-1969

Annie Prasad Sans-Abri, Sans Histoire: A Study of Homelessness in Paris and San Francisco

Arden Youngblood The Nigerian Condition in Italy: Gang Activity and the Exploitation of Women

Hyun-Kyung Yuh Vers une politique: L’Hypothèse communiste d’Alain Badiou et L’Universalisme émancipateur au XXIe siècle


Class of 2013

Christina Bott Libre, Sain, Indépendent: Reorganizing the French Film Industry in the World War II Era

Erin Byrne Where There’s Smoke: The Relative Impact of Advertising and Pricing Regulations in French Tobacco Control Legislation                                                               

Julie Cerullo Glamour: From Hollywood to France and Italy…and Back

Chinwe Toyin Chukwuogo Fragments: Tracing the Evolution of Black Identity in Caribbean and West African Francophone Literature                

Jennifer Haak Adopting Adoption: Historical Context & Cultural Representations of Homosexual Adoption in France        

Heather Hammel The Paysan : a setting, a history, a vie quotidienne A study of the French and Italian familial agriculture sectors                       

Rebecca Kagle Image of a City: The Representation of Naples in Italian Film     

Gabrielle Loeb History of Organ Transplantation in France

Michael Pearlman Finding Captain Nemo: Exploring the Depth of Character in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea           

Tessa Romano The Origins of Art Music in the Seventeenth-Century Italian Ghetto: Case Studies in Padua, Ferrara, Mantua, Venice and Senigallia    

Megan Skalbeck Il Cavaliere non é Il Principe: Why Berlusconi Is Not Machiavelli’s Redeemer

Win Suen The Diplomatic Chameleon: Manuscripts from the Bailaggio of Pietro Bragadin (1524-1526)

Naomi Wood “I Choose Exile” Revisiting the French Myth of a Black Utopia


Class of 2012

William Ellis The Rhetoric of Same Sex Desire: The Politics of Homosexuality’s Marginalization in Contemporary Italy              

Alya Forster Du Nom Au Non-Dit: identité personelle et structure familial dans le théâtre de Bernard-Marie Koltès et Jean-Luc Lagarce

Robert Jones Post-War Italy Through The Cinematic Lens: “Political Degeneration”, Revolution, Terrorism

Paula Kift Zig et Puce et la modernisation de la bande dessinée française: la bulle et la mise en page dans une série unique en son genre

Emilia Petrucci L’uomo è ciò che mangia: The Role of Pellegrino Artusi's 'Scienza in Cucina e L'Arte di Mangiar Bene' in the Evolution of Italian National Identity.

Christopher Riley Paris in the Time of Cholera: Medicine & Society in the Nineteenth Century

Jennifer Sun Adaptations of Madame Bovary in Fiction: “The Kugelmass Episode” and Raymond Jean’s Mademoiselle Bovary


Class of 2011

Jorge Alcantar The Rhetoric Of Same Sex Desire: The Politics Of Homosexuality’s Marginalization In Contemporary Italy

Rebecca Arkin Du Nom Au Non-Dit: identité personelle et structure familial dans le théâtre de Bernard-Marie Koltès et Jean-Luc Lagarce

Natasha Benacerraf Post-War Italy Through The Cinematic Lens: “Political Degeneration”, Revolution, Terrorism

Jada Claiborne Zig et Puce et la modernisation de la bande dessinée française: la bulle et la mise en page dans une série unique en son genre

Biniam Dawit Tragicum Principium Et Comicum Finem

Isaac Engels “I have a voice, and I do not need to scream”: Literary Voice and the Reader

Khameer Kidia Paris In The Time Of Cholera: Medicine & Society in the Nineteenth Century

Olivia Stoker A Broad Abroad

Emily Tisdale The Development of a Crisis: How Linguistic, Economic and Ideological Disparities Fuel Regional Conflict in Belgium

Amelia Wells Plus Vrai Que La Vérité: Qu’est-Ce Que L’anti-Théâtre Et Comment Le Mettre Sur Scène

Julia Wilson Human Nature and Self-Knowledge in Rousseau’s Confessions: A Modern Response to St. Augustine


Class of 2010

Meredith Bock Modern Methods: The Intersection Of Myth And Science In The Works Of Giorgio De Chirico And Primo Levi                 

Erin Brady The Princess In The Polis: The Urban Fairy Tale In France And Italy

Phoebe Champion Sicilianu: The Rich Language Of The Poor Man How a History of Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity on the Island Created the Modern Sicilian Lexicon

Stephan Crown-Weber Is That Man A Puzzle Piece? Navigating The Virtual Realities Of Perec’s Life A User’s Manual

Rebecca Foresman The Corporeal Intellect Of The Beckett Actor Happy Days/Oh Les Beaux Jours: A Study Via Performance

Sophia Kroft The Study Of Paleolithic Cave Art Through A Phenomenological Perspective And Its Reference In 20th-Century French Literature

Lindsey Leake The Italian Mafia And The Emergence Of American Media

Hannah McDonald-Moniz Memories Of The Forgotten Islands: Themes in Travel Writing from Corsica and Sardinia

Jonathan Solarte Ultimately Undecidable: A Lacanian Analysis Of Race And The Constitution Of The Subject

Isabel Wojtowicz In Search Of The “Real” Claude Cahun: The Complex Case Of Subjectivity In Aveux Non Avenus


Class of 2009

Violeta Banica Le musée de Proust

Amber Hovey Fashion and Culture in France

Myra Safo Hybridization within the Notion of Migration in Selected Texts of Alain Mabanckou and Frantz Fanon

Shekida Smith Double Discourse and Perplexing Perceptions: The Black Poet Intellectual in 20th and 21st Century France

Zeterrika Tanner Nouveaux Contes de fées by the Comtesse de Ségur: A Child’s Manual


Class of 2008  

Catherine Adams L’amor che qui raffina   La lettura dantesca nei film di Roberto Benigni             

Kathryn Andersen Il Gusto del Piacere e della Salute.   Italian Gastronomy in Platina’s De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine and in Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food Movement 

Michael Cutright Ceci n’est pas une thèse. Théorie et Pratique du Neutre  

John Edwards L’Orazio Dantesco: Satirica Nella “Commedia”  

Philip Farinacci The Impact of China on a Fragile Italian Economy Past, Present, and Future 

Marina Isgro The Fantastic Atlas: Metaphors of Mapping in Calvino’s Ekphrastic Writing 

D. Lara Klainerman Influx and Intervention: The Appeal of English Lexical Borrowings in France and Italy  

Laura Peterman Role Paying: Identity, Opportunity, and the French School in Beur and Francophone Literature

Arti Sheth Sleeping Beauties and Silver Noses. Fairy Tale Transmission and Translation from Basile to Calvino 

Alexis Tucker From Baudelaire to “Bling”. Hip-Hop’s Role in French Politics and Culture.

Amber Wedges “J’ai Deux Amours” African Americans in Paris in the 20th Century

Lisa Zivkovic L'idéale pragmatique: La Bibliothèque américaine à Paris et ses avatars. De la Grande Guerre à la Libération


Class of 2006

Tracy Lee Fossas True Humanitarianism as an Ideal: Financial Independence , Témoignage, and Sans-Frontièrisme in the Work of Médecins sans Frontières 

Jessica Gasiorek The French State and the State of French : An Examination of Current French Linguistic Legislation, Policy, and its Implications 

Paul Lyons Immoral Female Characters in Madame Bovary, Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Le Père Goriot

Joanna Mukai Madame de La Fayette’s Vision of the Institution of Marriage in La Princesse de Clèves 

Nicole Totino A Call for Abstinence: Communion and Liberation’s Alliance with the Catholic Church in a Voting Plea to Italy


Class of 2005 

Aaron Cooper L’Art de la préface: les préfaces de Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, François Mauriac et Romain Gary entre 1945 et 1968 

Caroline James Alberti e Catone: il tema del De Agricultura nel Della Famiglia 

Jinha Kim All Grown-Ups Were Children First: The Universality of The Little Prince 

Paul Koepp Je rappe donc je suis: Issues of Identity in le rap marseillais 

Rena Paris Radicalization of the Image: The Emergence of the Irrational Self in Rimbaud’s Poetry and Surrealist Art 

Daphne Putka Le Portrait de la femme dans Pride and Prejudice et Le Rouge et le Noir

Antoinette Seaberry C’est l’heure! Why the End Draws Near for France ’s 35 hour Workweek 

Lauren Siciliano From Valle Giulia to the Latin Quarter : Conservative Media Bias and the Student Revolts of 1968 

Anne Throdahl Monarchy and the French National Identity: The Lasting Impact of the Hundred Years’ War