L'Avant-Scène had memorable visits to leading European drama conservatories and state theaters during L'Avant-Scène in Strasbourg, Berlin and London (October 2016) & L'Avant-Scène in Paris (January 2017).
The Council of the Humanities is pleased to announce two new Behrman Professors in the Humanities; Effie Rentzou, associate professor of French in the French and Italian Department, and Yelena Baraz, associate professor of Latin Literature in the Classics Department.
Göran Blix and Rob Nixon'sEffort to merge the humanities with environmental consciousness.
David Bellos tells the compelling story of how Victor Hugo's novel conquered the world.
Princeton University senior Aaron Robertson has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for graduate study at the University of Oxford. He is among the 32 American recipients of the prestigious fellowships, which fund two to three years of graduate study at Oxford.
Professor Christy Wampole published an op-ed in the New York Times about the crafting of a syllabus: "My Syllabus, My Self"
This new volume from Oxford University Press includes essays on "Montaigne's Travel Journal" by François Rigolot (Meredith Howland Pyne Professor Emeritus) and "Montaigne on Language" by Katie Chenoweth (Assistant Professor).
This summer, 15 Princeton undergraduates immersed themselves in the rich tradition of French theater in the first PIIRS Global Seminar to be held in France: "French Theater Today: Practice and Performance in Paris and at the Avignon Theater Festival," taught by Florent Masse, senior lecturer in French and Italian.